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Hands-On and Distance Healing Sessions - Being Active in Your Healing Process

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Being Active in Your Healing Process

There are a multitude of physical, mental and spiritual issues or imbalances that can be addressed during our healing session together. Ultimately, healing comes down to the belief of the receiver. The healee (one who is receiving healing) must be ready to heal, be open to the healing work, and be willing to come into balance for a session to have the most impact. Disbelief or skepticism toward energy medicine usually comes from the mind and its inability to understand or trust healing from an energetic, soul or quantum level. We have been trained to believe from the time we are young that healing must be difficult, long, entail pharmacological drugs, surgery, scans, scarring and often pain. In truth, there are a myriad of ways to heal mind, body and soul. No matter what way you choose to heal, the healing will be most effective and powerful if you understand that you are in charge and responsible for your own healing. Healing is a deeply personal and intimate process and must come from an alignment with all parts of who you are (the conscious, subconscious and superconscious). If you are in alignment with the choices and paths you take on your healing journey, you will have a much more impactful and profound healing experience. These choices should you make you feel confident and empowered. Your will, desire and deep knowing that you can heal is the most profound tool in your toolbox.

Here are some issues that can be addressed in our distance or in person healing session:

  • Hands on healing of specific issues in the body, mind or energy bodies

  • Spontaneous remission of chronic ailments

  • Reduce or clear pain from the body

  • Prepare the body-mind system for successful and quick surgical recovery

  • Repair holes, tears and gashes in the energetic field

  • Soul retrieval

  • Relationship chord cutting and forgiveness ceremony

  • Balance of misalignments and subconscious blocks in the body-mind system

  • Removal of devices and implants

  • Aligning the etheric body

  • Removing vows or curse locks

  • Healing past life and current life issues

  • Karmic and ancestral clearing

  • Healing dimensional mis-alignments, cracks, abrasions, rips, etc.

  • Releasing miasmas, whirlpools, vortices, saboteurs

  • Major clearing of entities, discarnates and demonics

  • 144 dimensional healing on all levels

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It is my mission to help you find your path to health, fulfillment and personal power. If you are curious about a coaching, mentoring or healing sessions, I offer a free 20-minute consultation on any of my services or contact me at

About Jenee

Jenee Halstead is founder of Inner Song and a holistic vocal and self-expression coach, embodiment teacher, performer, energy healer and songwriter. Her mission is to help others align with their soul and divine spark, to embody and empower themselves to live a fully aligned, expressed, whole and healthy self.

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