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As a performer, healer, and voice coach, I've honed powerful tools and skills that can truly transform your life. My approach is personalized and intuitive, and I make it a priority to understand your unique needs and experiences.

Beyond just opening your voice, my work focuses on self acceptance and integration of all parts of ourselves so you can feel truly whole. I believe that our hardships and challenges can actually be the nourishing soil we need to grow into powerful and impactful humans.

To create a safe and supportive space, my work is trauma-informed and guided by nervous system feedback. I'll be constantly checking in with you to make sure you feel comfortable and secure, and we'll work at your pace to ensure the best possible outcome.

It's truly an honor to hold your life story with respect and delicacy, and to help you unlock your deepest gifts and potential. Let's embark on this journey together and see what amazing things we can accomplish!

work with me


holistic vocal coaching

I specialize in helping women open and activate their voices to overcome lifelong fears around singing, speaking their truth and being seen in the world. As a voice teacher, I believe in a holistic approach to singing that empowers my students to connect with their bodies, express themselves authentically and heal emotional wounds. My teaching process focuses not just on technical aspects but on helping my students awaken their voices and discover their full potential. I use a range of tools, somatic exercises, and techniques to help my students achieve their goals in a way that feels aligned and personalized. My teaching style is patient, compassionate, and supportive, meeting my students where they are on their musical and vocal journey. I believe that a practical approach grounded in a deep understanding of the art and craft of singing is vital, but I also infuse my teaching with intuition and spiritual insight. 


1:1 Transformationalcoaching & Mentorships

My transformational coaching focuses on four core pillars to help clients achieve self-trust and alignment with their heart: embodiment or somatic experience, nervous system feedback, core belief identification and unraveling, and connection to our heart intelligence as the master guide and intuitive communication center. Using a series of tools and techniques such as mindfulness, breathwork, Emotional Freedom Technique, guided imagery, inner child work and energy healing techniques, we work together to heal painful and limiting beliefs, calm the nervous system, and create a foundation of self-trust and self-sovereignty that will give you powerful tools you can use for your entire life. Book a free Discovery Call to learn more about one-on-one coaching.


Artist Mentorship Container

As an artist mentor, I provide tailored packages lasting 3 or 6 months that are crafted specifically to meet your needs. Through an initial Discovery Call, we will work together to identify your goals and create a personalized plan. During our sessions, we can focus on a range of areas, including PR and artist branding, confidence-building and healing of any past creative blocks, fundraising campaign planning, songwriting and messaging, performance technique, and much more. Whatever your needs may be, I'm here to support you every step of the way.


Energy healing

These sessions use advanced energetic healing techniques to work on both the physical and energetic fields of the body, promoting multi-level healing for the client's mind, body, and spirit. I have received training in various modalities, including Body Talk, Natural Force Healing, and Web Working. However, most of the energy healing tools I currently work with are derived from the ancient Mayan Curandero lineage. Typically, sessions last for about an hour and fifteen minutes to an hour and a half and can be done via distance or in person. Prior to your healing session, please ensure that you stay well hydrated for a few days. If you have any questions regarding the healing sessions, please do not hesitate to reach out on my contact page.

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