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Four Steps to Aligning with your Inner Song

Updated: Mar 9, 2023


Daily Journaling - Upon waking or when you can write without distraction, get a pen and paper (not the computer) and set a timer for 15 minutes to free write. You can write about anything: how you feel, how your week is going, a memory of the past. The key is to not stop or pause the pen until the 15 minutes are up. Choose one word to write repeatedly in case you freeze or get caught in thinking about what you are writing. The idea is to just write without pondering or questioning what you are writing. Put the pen down when the alarm goes off. Read it at the end of the week.


Record Your Voice - Recognizing your true authentic voice. Record your voice while you are doing tasks such as talking with your family or on the phone. You can also record yourself while you are practicing a speech or while out running errands. Listen back and notice when your voice sounds like you and when your voice sounds monotone, rigid, inauthentic or doesn't match your internal feelings. You can also record and watch yourself back on video. Each time name five things you like about your voice. It can be the tone, timbre, expression or the way you turned a phrase.


Try Different Dialects - Take 10 to 15 minutes each day to try on a different voice. You can focus on one voice or dialect a week. This can be the dialect of a person you admire or wish to emulate. Listen to the way this person carries a phrase, the glides and pitches in their speaking voice. How they elongate or shorten a vowel. Where does their voice radiate from? Is it low in the belly or high up in their head? Observe their body language without the sound on. Try to copy or emulate the body language. Is it confident, graceful, alluring, powerful? Is is consistent with their voice?


Tuning Into Your Heart - Mindfulness and meditation focused on the connecting and opening the heart center helps us align with our truest voice and inner song. Taking five to ten minutes a day to tune into our heart center builds the muscles of connection between our inner voice and our outer communication. Over time these two voices align into the voice of our soul, our inner song. After you tune in, take five minutes write down any insight that came from your meditation. We often get intuitive hits and guidance during these session that can help us in our daily lives.

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About Jenee

Jenee Halstead is founder of Inner Song and a holistic vocal and self-expression coach, embodiment teacher, performer, energy healer and songwriter. Her mission is to help others align with their soul and divine spark, to embody and empower themselves to live a fully aligned, expressed, whole and healthy self.

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