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Singing and Chanting as a Path to Wellness

Updated: Jun 21

The Process

The voice has been an ancient gateway and source of healing since humans have walked the planet. Each of us has our own unique sound code which helps us access all parts of ourselves from our neurobiology and nervous system to our subconscious, conscious and superconscious minds.

Singing Assists in Healing the Body-Mind System

Studies have shown that the simple act of singing or chanting stimulates the vagus nerve which runs from the pelvic bowl all the way up into through the larynx and vocal production area. This nerve is primarily responsible for our fight or flight, relaxation or freeze response. You can create a deep sense of calm and groundedness by soothing this nerve through singing and chanting, which can in-turn have profound positive effects on your body's natural healing ability.

Stress is the single most damaging factor that contributes to all major health issues today. When the body is in a stress response (fight or flight), its primary job is to keep you alive. When you are in constant, low to high grade fight or flight due to stressors in your life, you release a steady stream of cortisol and adrenaline hormones in the body. Triggering these hormones on a regular basis can create inflammation, lower your immune system, raise your blood pressure and cholesterol, create blood sugar spikes and dips, as well as increase our risks of mental health issues such as anxiety, panic attacks and depression. When the body is in relaxation response, it can go back to repairing and regulating vital hormones and systems that are necessary for our highest function, health and happiness.

Singing and Chanting Helps Clear Painful Memories and Emotions

Singing and chanting with your own voice can help clear deep energetic blocks, cellular memories and subconscious patterning within the body/mind system. As you may know, the body remembers. It stores every occurrence and memory in the cells and tissues of the body and in the energetic field surrounding the body called the aura or etheric field. Toning for the self can help access these deep memories and emotions and release them from the body. Holding tight to emotions of grief, anger, fear, jealousy and loss can eventually lead to disease, psychological imbalance, depression, anxiety and a host of other issues.

Singing Helps Us Find Our Center

Last but not least, singing and chanting can lead you to a deeper understanding of who you are as a soul and spirit and what you need to be in full alignment with yourself. This way you can create the happiest, most wholistic life possible. Only you have the key to fully healing and understanding who you are and why you are here. Singing is like having your own personal key to your heart. It helps build confidence, clear self-esteem issues that may be holding you back, strengthens the nervous system, balances the chakras and energy field and gives you more energy. Through our unique sound current we find our home, our center.

Schedule a Free Consultation with Me

It is my mission to help you find your voice and to use it as a gateway to health, fulfillment and personal power. If you are curious about exploring and improving your singing or speaking voice, stage presence or if you are interested in a coaching or mentoring session, I am offering a free 20-minute consultation on any of my services. Contact me at

About Jenee

Jenee Halstead is founder of Inner Song and a holistic vocal and self-expression coach, performer, energy healer and songwriter. Her mission is to help others align with their soul and divine spark, to embody and empower themselves to live a fully aligned, expressed, whole and healthy self.

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